These are just a few examples. Register now to select from than 15,000 new listings each week. Inventory to include luxury/sport/exotic cars, suvs, vans, trucks, motorcycles, boats, rvs, jetskis, snowmobiles, industrial vehicles, commercial equipment, tractors, forklifts, semis, trailers - the inventory changes daily.  

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REGISTER NOW  to immediately access more than 15,000 insurance salvage vehicles each week. Registration is quick and simple.


WHO ARE WE? We are the leading  source for insurance salvage vehicles since 1976. More Information


WHAT ARE INSURANCE SALVAGE VEHICLES?  Theft recovered, vandalized, flood, storm and readily repairable collision damaged vehicles.   More Information


WHERE DO THESE VEHICLES COME FROM? Direct from insurance companies and sold at insurance salvage facilities nationwide.


WHAT KIND OF VEHICLES ARE AVAILABLE? More than 15,000  luxury/sport/exotic cars, suvs, trucks, cycles, watercraft, and rvs available each week. More Information


WHY BUY  INSURANCE SALVAGE VEHICLES? They are typically sold for 1/2 or less of their Blue Book value.


HOW DO YOU ACCESS THESE VEHICLES? Register now and immediately access more than 15,000 insurance salvage vehicles each from insurance facilities nationwide. Registration is quick and simple. 



2006 CADILLAC ESCALADE  $3,700  All Wheel Drive. Was stolen form a golf course parking lot and then recovered by the insurance company. VA-11-788

2008 NISSAN 350Z  $3,850  Only 34,434 miles!  Has sustained readily repairable damage to front nose panel. TX-47-087

1997 BMW M3  $2,100  Was stolen and vandalized and then recovered by the insurance company. Has only 41,554 miles.  NC-08-931

1995 FERRARI 355 GTB  $13,800  Was in a fresh water street flood.  Fuel computers will require replacement. TX-01-224 

2000 HONDA PRELUDE VTEC SH  $700  Was stolen and then recovered by the insurance company. PA-99-232                    

2012 MINI COOPER "S"  $3,700  Low miles. Sustained readily repairable damage from an engine fire. CO-33-165

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