W H A T   K I N D   O F   V E H I C L E S   A R E   A V A I L A B L E ? 

Readily repairable cars, suvs, vans, trucks, motorcycles, boats, rvs, snowmobiles, industrial vehicles, bulldozers, tractors, forklifts, semi trucks, trailers. Virtually every make and model of vehicle in existence can become an insurance settlement vehicle from brand new autos damaged in a storm while displayed on the lot of a car dealership to a vintage, classic, collectible vehicle stolen from the owner's garage while on vacation or a bulldozer or dump truck that was stolen from a job site and later recovered by the insurance company and law enforcement.

To better understand the concept, consider a person has their vehicle stolen from a movie theatre parking lot and they file a claim with their insurance company. The insurance company pays a cash settlement to the vehicle owner for the loss of their vehicle. Weeks, months or even years later the vehicle is recovered by law enforcement. That vehicle is now owned by the insurance company since the vehicle owner received a cash settlement for it's loss. Even though the vehicle is recovered, the previous owner no longer has any claim to the vehicle, they were paid a cash settlement by the insurance company after it was stolen and the vehicle is now the property of the insurance company and that is where we get the inventory that is being offered at deeply discounted prices.


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